Customization Tutorials

The following are a collection of links to various tutorials and articles that have appeared on the site relating to minifigure customization techniques. One of the goals of this site is to be a valuable resource to current customizers and help bring new people into the community. If you believe you have a link to a relevant tutorial, would like to submit a tutorial, or would like to see improvements to this part of the site, do not hesitate to contact us at

DISCLAIMER: Minifigure customization can be a fun, but dangerous hobby. The customization tutorials and links to tutorials provided here sometimes describe techniques that may be dangerous, such as the use of boiling water, using sharp objects, etc. You shouldn't attempt anything mentioned in the tutorials without adult permission or supervision. The Ugly Duckling at BrickLink and/or the authors of the tutorials are not liable for any injuries or damages incurred from attempting to follow suggestions made in these tutorials.

Please exercise caution and common sense. Have fun and be safe.

Resources/Tutorial Collections - There are a wide variety of topics covered under each of these collections relating to decals, modification techniques, accessory design, painting, etc. Please take the time to look through each link as they may have a topic you are looking for.
Cloth Accessories
Custom Accessories
Site Projects - The items below are projects conducted by me using some of the tools and techniques found in the articles above.