Exciting News - JasBrick's New MinifigWorkshop.com

While reading through the comments of JasBrick's latest printed masterpiece, he revealed that his 'very expensive printer' with 'very expensive ink' will be used to provide items via his new website Minifig Workshop and FireStar Toys.

If you've been follow Jas' latest uploads on Flickr, you'll have seen the variety of printed designs he's been developing. This is very exciting as there are only a few places where you can get custom minifigures with print versus waterslide decals or paint!

It sounds like Minifig Workshop will also be a site where the budding customizer can come to learn new techniques and practice their craft. New customization tutorials are always welcome.

The site is still 'coming soon' but you can continue to check in at MinifigWorkshop.com or FireStar Toys for these great new items.

You can also check out Jas' Flickr stream to see all the designs he's been cooking up over the past few weeks.

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