There's a Solanum Outbreak on Flickr

There seems to be a rash of custom zombies popping up on Flickr this morning, leaving the Hazmat Guy with plenty to clean up.

The first custom zombie comes to us courtesy of Victor (eclipsegrafx). His 'tourist' is the first in a line of zombie designs he'll be selling through various channels. As Victor points out, lots of great layers happening with the decal designs. The I 'heart' NY tee is a nice touch too.

The second strain of the undead creeps forward from Roaglaan's workshop. It would appear these guys were infected at the gym as they are some of the 'beefiest' zombies I've seen to date. The soldier zombie will be great for those inspired by the movie Sucker Punch which comes out this weekend. There's a whole portion of the movie set in a Weird War II universe and the enemies seem to be a mix of the Helghast from Killzone and the living dead.

All in all some fantastic designs and great way to add variety to those Zombie hordes whene the Series 1 Brooks Brothers brigade just won't cut it.

(Via eclipsegrafx and Roaglaan's Flickr streams)

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