Series 4 'Rares' in Store Now

Late last week I mentioned that I was able to purchase some Series 4 Collectible Minifigures. I've recently finished taking guide pictures for all of the 'rare' figures and placed them for sale on my BrickLink store. I currently have The Lawn Gnome, The Ice Skater, The Hockey Player, The Viking, and The Crazy Scientist (alas The Musketeer still evades me). I've attempted to price the figures competitively, plus I have flat rate shipping*. You can purchase more, but shipping costs will stay the same.

I only have one of each figure, so hurry down and take a look. There are also a few other figures like The Werewolf and Soccer Player still available as well.

You can check it all out on BrickLink.

*See 'store terms' for full details


  1. urgggggh I was gonna get your gnome. But someone already stole it away from me. :(


  2. No! The Scientist is gone!

  3. Sorry. I cleared his stock. Although I left the Viking :D