Series 4 Now in US LEGO Stores and Singapore

I've received a couple of reports that Series 4 Collectible Minifigures are now appearing in LEGO Stores in the US. The confirmed sightings include the Queens Center LEGO Store in NY and the Baybrook Mall location in Friendswood, TX (Thanks David and Thomas!) LEGO had listed April 15th as the official release date, but perhaps they are a bit squeamish about TRU launching so far in advance. You may want to call your local LEGO Store to check for availability. It's not uncommon for stores to put stock out early and then be asked to pull it until the official release date.

Andrew at Smashing Bricks also wrote to let me know that Series 4 appears to be in Singapore now. I'm still waiting for a location, but I'll post it once I have it in hand.

There were some weird 'technical difficulties' with Google Maps this morning. I'll post these locations on our Rollout Map as soon as those clear up.

UPDATE: Andrew let us know that the Singapore locations include BricksWorld, BrickStation, ToysHunt, and Secret Chamber. Metro Departmental Store and Toys R Us (SG) will have stock in a couple of days.


  1. I got some in Tescos in the UK on Saturday!
    The Geisha is beautiful and the Rock Star is just great!! We also got the female surfboarder, the Musketeer and the Footballer. Great selection again!

  2. They are available in Colorado at TRU.