The Series 4 North American Invasion Has Begin

...and the first report comes to us via Brickset (Thanks again to Apples for the heads up!)

ToysRUs in Algonquin, IL had Series 4 Collectible Minifigures on 3/15. The price point was $2.99 USD. Chances are that Series 4 will spread like the plague through the mid-west via TRU, so check your local store for availability. The UPC code is 673419144995, and there is no limit on the number of bags you can buy.

No word yet on a 'dot sheet' for Series 4, but we will post it once it becomes available. Given the resourcefulness of most AFOL's we should see one by the weekend.

If you find these ABS All-Stars don't forget to place a pin on our Series 4 Collectible Minifigure Map!

You can follow the on-going conversation at Brickset.


  1. If you're in the US...

    > Call 1-800-869-7787
    > Press menu options 1, 3, and then 2
    > Ask the operator to check the availability of item 578074

    Searching for that number (TRU's code for S4 figs) will allow the operator to see if any are in stock in your zip code, if they've been ordered, etc.

  2. @Morgan - I forgot about this! I just called and found the Lexington, KY has some in stock. I'll promote this comment to a post later today!

  3. Series 4 can be found at the TRU in Springfield, Illinois: Toys R Us, 2701 Veterans Parkway, Springfield, IL 62704, US

    The Map would not let me set a pin so I'm posting the info here.

    The figs are located in the main LEGO aisle with the Ninjago spinners and some series 3 figs.