New Polybags - Pharaoh's Quest and PotC

Brickset is reporting there are four new polybag sets in the LEGO system. Two of the bags are related to Pharaoh's Quest and include minifigures, while the Pirates of the Caribbean sets are a brick built mini-ship and the promotional Captain Jack included with pre-orders of the video game.

The package art doesn't give us any additional clues at to what that Captain Jack minifigure is supposed to be. There are 'motion lines' around the hands, and it seems to be walking in the pic (a mechanized Jack?!) I'm still going to stick to my guns and say it's supposed to be a voodoo doll.

You can read the full article and see all the polybag pics at Brickset.


  1. Capt. Tom Foolery3/31/11, 1:55 PM

    There is a scene in the book On Stranger Tides, where everyone begins to change into a plant (sounds odd when you summarize it like that), so that might be an option. But the fact that he's standing inside doesn't really support my thesis.

    Would be really nice if they simply told us what the holy scallywag he's supposed to be.

  2. @Captain Tom - I've been going through movie web sites to see if it might provide any insights, but still no luck.

    I hadn't heard the 'plant-people' angle, I'll have to look into that...

  3. Capt. Tom Foolery3/31/11, 5:15 PM

    The plant-people angle is a bit of a stretch as it really seems like nothing from what I've seen of the movie plot is matching the book except for the fact that Blackbeard is in it and they're searching for the Fountain of Youth. A bit of a shame, really, as the whole trip to the fountain chapters in the book are pretty creative and a good adventure story.

    Given the presence of a voodoo doll in the Queen Anne Revenge set, this is probably the best bet for what we're looking at.

  4. Ok, seriously, where is this 'voo-doo' doll in the set?!?!?!

  5. Capt. Tom Foolery3/31/11, 8:14 PM

    It's the tiny figure (think LEGO Games scale) that is sometimes pictured with the Penelope Cruz character in the Queen Anne Revenge set. I believe it was first seen when MTV had the exclusive first photos of the POTC sets.

  6. Capt. Tom Foolery3/31/11, 8:20 PM

    Sorry, I was mistaken. I went back and looked at the MTV pics and that wasn't it. It was the Toy Fair 2011 pics that I saw it.

    Here is a link to the picture in question:



  7. @Capt. Tom, Thanks! I saw it! THat's so cute! And, it makes sense because Blackbeard's bio is that he uses dark magic....