New Pictures of Series 5 Collectible Minifigures

Series 4 is so-o-o five minutes ago...Series 5 is where it's at! Readers Jacob and Troy both sent me word that new images of the Series 5 Collectible Minifigures (8805) are currently on the toy site Mikado Spieleland. The image I could grab (above) was quite small, but there's a viewer on the site that gives you a close up look. There's also an image of the customary four by four grid of actual figs.

I'll be returning to the site shortly, as Brickset has seen new Hero Factory and I hear that new Ninjago spinners are on the site too. It's possible other treasures can be found.

Check it all out at Mikado Spieleland now.

UPDATE:  I was able to coax a much better picture from their site. I'm also including the grid pic of the actual figs above. Click on both for larger images.


  1. I have Hi-Res images I took from the website cache. You can see them on my blog. (;

  2. @Daniel - I think you commented just as I found the same thing. Thanks for the offer!