New Pics of LEGO Alien Conquest and Ninjago Spinners

Just as I suspected...website Mikado Spieleland also has new hi-res images of LEGO Alien Conquest as well. We get a good look at that new gun design and nice close ups on the minifigures.

I was also able to confirm that the new Ninjago spinner sets have pics up too. Although the pictures aren't quite as good, you do get a sense of what the new Sensei Wu, Kruncha, and Wyplash will look like.

You can see more of Alien Conquest and Ninjago on Mikado Spieleland.


  1. We have already seen images of those before I believe.

  2. I think only pics we've seen have been from toy fairs. Grogall only supplied one hi-res image in the past. If you mean we've seen these figures before...then you're right.