New Ninjago Spinner Sets at ToysRUs

Toys N Bricks is reporting that the newer Ninjago spinners are showing up at ToysRUs stores in the US. 

Cole DX and Zane DX have been seen so far, but the Nuckal and Nya spinners shouldn't be far behind. Do be aware that the spinner minifigures appear to manufactured differently from those that come with the main sets (take that for what you will). Skeleton spinners, like Nuckal, also have a different arm configuration so the figure can hold weapons out to the side. If these details aren't a concern, this is a less expensive way to add these figures to your collection.

There are several TRU LEGO deals this week with free sets and price off deals. ToysRUs has also lowered their threshold for free shipping from $100 down to $75. You can see all the details at Toys N Bricks, or you can go straight to ToysRUs.com.

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