New Ninjago Sets on the Horizon

The most recent LEGO Club magazine had a page highlighting four new Ninjago spinner sets for Cole DX (2170), Zane DX (2171), Nuckal (2173), and Nya (2172). Some of these figures haven't been available outside of pricey sets to date. It is important to note, however, that the minifigures that come with the spinners are different. In appearance they are all the same, but they have characteristics that suggest they may be made in China. The skeletons also have a different style of arm to allow them to hold weapons out to the side while spinning.

In additional to these new spinner sets, yellowcastle from Brickset has found a new Ninjago polybag at his local Target store. Polybag 30083 is titled 'Dragon Flight' and features Kai and a small brick built dragon. This and other seasonal LEGO polybags can be found in the Easter section of Target stores. The price is listed as $3.99 USD. You can see more at Brickset.

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