LEGO PotC In the Wild!

Daniel of The Brick Blog dropped me a message to let me know that 'Versen' had been able to lay hands on a few LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets in Russia (assumed because of the '.su' designation in the forum url).

Versen provides some great pics of the Isle de Meurta set and nice 360 views of the minifigures. There's even a shot of a 'Captain Jack' line up suggesting Versa has more than one set.

The biggest question remains unanswered, "Will those pirate hats fit over hair pieces, or not?" I fully expected LEGO PotC to launch in April, but more towards mid-month. Here's hoping a launch might be sooner.

You can see the review here. Big thanks to The Brick Blog for the heads up!

UPDATE: Captain Thom and Apples have done a little digging on said forum and have found additional reviews  for Whitecap Bay and Cannibal Escape. Alas, it appears the pirate hats are attached to the hair pieces...


  1. :P I would have assumed because it's all in Russian. There are also reviews for the Cannibal Escape and White Cap Bay Sets if you go back to the main area.

  2. I asked a guy at a Lego store when they would come out, and he said Mid-April. Oh, it's at the Phoenix, AZ store. I also got a ton of S4 figs there!!

  3. ^So Series 4 is at LEGO stores in AZ! Was Series 1 in the Build a Minifig section?

  4. I am gonna assume the hats are attached via solvent judging by the closeups. Only time will tell.


  5. ^Oh, I didn't think of that! If so it means there's a chance of separating them...

  6. tengo ganas de que lego pirate of the caribbean salga a la venta.¡va a ser tan emocionante!