LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Minifigures - Syrena

Syrena the mermaid is exclusive to the set Whitecap Bay (4192).

Parts and Accessories
Syrena is composed of four parts - hair piece, head, torso, and fish tail.

The hair piece is a new part in brown.

The head is a new female print in light flesh. The head is likely dual sided, one showing a sad countenance and single tear, and another showing the fearsome face of the mermaid.

The torso, arms, and hands  are all light flesh light flesh. The print on the torso resembles scaly skin and a sand blue area to keep everything PG. It is not known if there is print on the back of the torso.

The new mermaid part takes these maidens out of their stiff poses and gives them the ability to stand on their own. Syrena's piece is sand blue and has print on the front.

LEGO.com Bio
Syrena is a beautiful and deadly mermaid that encounters Captain Jack Sparrow on his hunt for the Fountain of Youth. On land, Syrena takes to minifigure form, but under the sea she transforms into an underwater creature. Don’t be fooled by her sweet song – it’s fishy business to tangle with the Mermaids of the Caribbean but it may be the only way to find the Fountain of Youth.

Army Building Potential
The ABP for this minifigure is moderate. I could see collectors wanting to add variety to their undersea cities or trade in their old fish tails for new ones.

The Big Draw
A new female hair piece is always a sought after item. The new mer-person tail will also be attractive.

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Thanks to Smashing Bricks for the hi-res images

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