LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Minifigures - Hadras

Hadras is exclusive to LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean set 4183, The Mill.

Parts and Accessories
Hadras is composed of four parts - head gear, head, torso, and legs.

The head gear is a new part resembling a conch shell in dark tan. The part has print to resemble barnacles.

The head, in sand green, has a new head print with the barnacle print continuing on the face. Part of the facial print is obscured by the head gear. It is not known if the head is dual sided, but the head gear could support it.

The torso, arms, and hands are all sand green. The print on the torso continues the monstrous appearance. It is not known if there is print on the back of the torso. 

The legs and hips are dark tan with print on both the legs and hips.

The accessories I've seen with this figure are the standard Pirate sword in dark blueish gray and a trans-red cylinder with a heart print. This is supposed to represent the heart of Davy Jones.

Hadras resembles the movie character fairly well. The main difference being that the skin color is not quite the same. If the skin were more gray, it would be a rather 'bland' figure though...

LEGO.com Bio
Hadras is a sailor turned sea creature aboard the cursed Flying Dutchman. After a long servitude under Captain Davy Jones, Hadras’s head has morphed into a hermit crab. Don’t let him get his claws on the keys to the Dead Man’s Chest! Knock his block off and it just might scuttle away!

Army Building Potential
The ABP for this minifigure is low. We'll see if The Flying Dutchman is in our future, but even MOCs might have a couple of these guys in the crew.

The Big Draw
The head gear is definitely a unique part and potentially sought after. The head and torso prints can be a great addition to your growing collection of monster minifigures.

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