LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Minifigures - Will Turner

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Will Turner, captain of the Flying Dutchman, appears in sets 4182 (The Cannibal Escape) and 4183 (The Mill).

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
Will Turner is composed of five parts: hair, head, sheath (although it does not appear in the picture above), torso, and legs.

His hair is a new part in reddish brown. It is a swept back hairstyle with a ponytail in the back.

The head is a new print in flesh color. It features a raised eyebrow and extended sideburns. He also has his goatee printed on for an uncanny likeness to Will Turner himself.

The sheath is a new piece currently exclusive to the Pirates line in brown that goes across the minifigures torso similar to the Indiana Jones satchel but instead of a bag there is a slot for a sword.

The torsos is light grey, with white arms, and flesh colored hands. There is a new print featuring an open colored shirt showing his chest. There is also a thick brown belt across the front. It is unknown if there is print on the back as of yet.

The legs of this figure are brown with no print.

LEGO.com Bio
Will Turner risks his bricks for love, honor and adventure. Once a humble blacksmith, Turner’s adventures on the high seas, and humble self-sacrifice for those he loves, have imprisoned him as the cursed Captain of The Flying Dutchman, bound to sail the Netherworld offering salvation to sailors lost at sea. Though he can only step on land once per decade, his heart (locked inside of the Dead Man’s Chest) belongs to his beloved wife, Elizabeth Swann Turner.

Army Building Potential
The ABP for this figure is low. There is only one Will Turner so why would you need more than that?

Big Draw
The big draw for this fig is the torso. It's a nice new print that could fit a variety of figures. The new sheath is a big draw as well for the pirates line. Also for collectors trying to get every PotC figure, this is a must have.

(Pictures via Smashing Bricks)


  1. That hairpiece appears to be a new part instead of a variant. You can see the ponytail right behind his neck.


  2. Oh yes! I suppose it is and upon a closer look at the Toy Fair pictures you can see it there too. Thanks for that correction, I'll edit the guide now.