LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Minifigures: Hector Barbossa

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Back from the dead its Captain Hector Barbossa! This character is appearing in set 4181, Isla De Muerta, and possibly also in set 4184, Black Pearl.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
Captain Hector Barbossa is composed of five parts: hat, head, torso, sheath, and legs.

The hat is the same as the Musketeer recently displayed in series 4. It's a large black piece with a cavalier brim. It has a hole in the back for an accessory, in this case a dark blue triple plume.

The head is a new print on flesh color. He has a slight smirk with a brown handlebar mustache and a scraggly beard.

The torsos and legs of this figure are dark blue (possibly black) with a long jacket printed on the front. He has on open shirt showing a necklace and the inside of his jacket show us that hes wearing an orange and red vest of some sort. He also has on a grey belt.

The sheath is a new piece in brown (black?) that goes across the minifigures torso similar to the Indiana Jones satchel but instead of a bag there is a slot for a sword.

LEGO.com Bio
Captain Hector Barbossa is a brutish pirate captain underneath his classy, gentlemanly fa├žade. He’s after riches, revenge and freedom from curses, but he especially can’t keep his claws off the Black Pearl or anything else belonging to Jack Sparrow. Haunted by supernatural terrors of the sea, he always manages to cheat death somehow.

Army Building Potential
The ABP for this figure alone is low, but the parts of the Pirates figures could be sought after in multiples for custom applications.

Big Draw
The big draws here are the hat and sheath. Personally I also think the torso/legs combo of the this figure, and of course the opportunity to collect the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean minifigures.

(Pictures via SmashingBricks)

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