LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 4 - Musketeer

The Musketeer
is exclusive to set 8804, LEGO Series 4 Collectible Minifigures.

Parts and Accessories
The Musketeer is composed of four main parts – a hat, head, torso, and legs.

The hat is a new part in black with a cavalier brim. The hat also comes a white triple plume.

The head is yellow with a new mustache and beard print.

The torso is blue with white arms and black hands. The torso print features a tunic with a fleur de lis on the front, crossed with a belt. There is no print on the back of the torso.

The legs and hips are black with print on the legs to resemble the tops of boots.

The accessory is a rapier style sword in flat silver. This is a new part for the LEGO universe.

LEGO.com Bio
"Do you dare to face my blade?"

To the dashing Musketeer, there's nothing in the world better than a clash of blades with a worthy opponent. Of course, when you're as good with a sword as he is, worthy opponents are pretty few and far between!

The Musketeer searches the world high and low for skilled adversaries. But alas, every duel ends in quick victory, and then there's nothing left to do but shake his defeated rival's hand with a thanks for trying. And then, with a smile, a wink and a bow, the Musketeer departs to seek his next opponent!

Army Building Potential
The ABP for this figure is moderate. At least three will earn you an Alexandre Dumas novel, more a battalion of Musketeers.

Feeling It Out
The hat and rapier at the go to items when trying to feel this figure through the bag.

Pre-Identifying Figures
Series 4 will be using the same 'dot code' approach to identifying which figures are inside each pack. The following dot codes were provided by minifigcollector.com who will have a corresponding app for Android smart phones. You can see the entire dot code sheet here.

The Big Draw
The rapier is the biggest draw of the lot mostly because the hat will be available via Pirates of the Caribbean in the not too distant future. The torso print is also likely to be a hit.

A big thanks to Grogall for the hi-res images!

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