LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 4 - The Crazy Scientist

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The Crazy Scientist is exclusive to set 8804, LEGO Series 4 Collectible Minifigures.

Parts and Accessories
The Crazy Scientist is composed of four main parts – a hair piece, head, torso, and legs.

The hair piece is the same hair that appeared with Dr. Inferno from the Agents line, but in light blueish gray.

The head is yellow with goggles and manic facial expression.

The torso and arms are white with black hands. The print on the torso is of a lab coat and belt with chemical stains on the coat.

The legs are black with white hips and no visible print.

The accessory that comes with this minifigure is a trans clear flask with a green fluid pattern. This is a new part for the LEGO universe. I can't wait for LEGO to develop more of these in different colors for filling out brick built labs.

LEGO.com Bio
"Ah hah hah hah! They called me mad at the university...and they were right!"

The Crazy Scientist really loves mad science. He's got all the right equipment: a spooky old laboratory, shelves of beakers and tubes full of bubbling liquids, and even one of those antenna things with the little bolts of lightning that go up and down. He's still looking for just the right creepy assistant, but he's sure that one will answer his ad soon.

On the other hand, there are the experiments. The Monster was one, but just like the rest, it didn't turn out quite as planned. It was supposed to be all evil and scary, but instead it turned out friendly and nice. No matter how hard he may try, the Crazy Scientist can't seem to create anything really bad. He just doesn't know where he's going wrong, and it's driving him crazy!

Army Building Potential
The ABP for this figure is low, unless your scientists are into 'cloning' of course...

Feeling It Out
The hair and the flask are the most unique items here, likely to be felt through the packaging.

Pre-Identifying Figures
Series 4 will be using the same 'dot code' approach to identifying which figures are inside each pack. The following dot codes were provided by minifigcollector.com who will have a corresponding app for Android smart phones. You can see the entire dot code sheet here.

The Big Draw
The head print and flask are the most attractive items for me. The hair is unique and may be appealing to some.


  1. Uh, idk why BrickLink said that, cuz, that's the same as Dr. Inferno. Anyway, I love the flask, and this is a really cool fig!

  2. Bricklink has to list it as a separate part, because the hair previously came in two different colors, both two-toned, and are also listed seperately.


  3. I think the hated air bubbles in the trans plastic really work for once with the beaker, like it's bubbling.

  4. Interesting. Is the hairpiece also the 'soft plastic' that was used for Inferno's hairpiece?


  5. ^The best way I can describe it 'similar' yet different. It is a 'soft plastic' material, but feels different than Dr. Inferno's.

  6. by the descriptions of the cases listed on bricklink, it looks like there are 3 of these in a case (at least in Europe)

  7. @Dan - I think the same thing happened with the Fisherman in Europe too. I'll look into it and see what I can find. Thanks!