LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 4 - The Soccer Player

The Soccer Player is exclusive to set 8804, LEGO Series 4 Collectible Minifigures.

Parts and Accessories 
The Soccer Player is composed of four main parts – a hair piece, head, torso, and legs.

The hair piece is a dark tan version of part 87991.

The head is yellow with a new smiley print.

The torso and arms are white with yellow hands. The torso print resembles a striped soccer jersey featuring the Octan brand. There's also a brick logo on the right upper torso and a lion badge on the left. The jersey also features printing on the back as seen in White Fang's review on Eurobricks.

The legs and hips are white with print added for them to resemble shorts. The brick logo and badge are carried over here. The leg printing is also carried over to the side of the legs.

The accessory that comes with this figure is a silver version of the minifig statue 'mounted' on a black version of the fez part. This will be a new color for both parts.

LEGO.com Bio
"Follow my lead!"

The Soccer Player has led the Brick Kickers team to many victories, and the other players all respect his strategy and skill on the field. He's a fast runner, an accurate kicker, and he's knocked so many soccer balls into the goal with his head that the fans joke that it's made of steel.

He may not win every game, but the Soccer Player always does his best and plays with a smile. It's earned him a reputation as both a good sportsman and a good sport who's almost as happy with a hard-earned second place as he is with a first-place trophy! 

Army Building Potential 
The ABP for this figure is moderate to high. A few head and/or hair changes and you have a whole team (but as Hillel would say, where's the other team?!).

Pre-Identifying Figures
Series 4 will be using the same 'dot code' approach to identifying which figures are inside each pack. The following dot codes were provided by minifigcollector.com who will have a corresponding app for Android smart phones. You can see the entire dot code sheet here.

Feeling It Out
This one is going to be tough. The statue is the most unique piece, but do to its size it may be hard to feel through the bag. As some readers have pointed out, the statue may be confused for the Werewolf's bone. Try for the combination of the statue and 'fez' base.

The Big Draw
I think the chance to have an official LEGO soccer team will be a big draw for many. Having a full set of silver, bronze, and gold statues has some appeal as well.

A big thanks to Grogall for the hi-res images!


  1. Its not a black cone that the trophy's mounted on- it's a black fez.

  2. i think the statue mount, for me @ least, is what i'm gonna look for when feeling it out. Because, the statue i might confuse as the Werewolf's bone. So, if i feel what i think might be that statue, i feel for the mount next.

  3. ^Thanks guys. I've made the suggested changes.

  4. Is it possible for the minifig to hold the gray statue? I see no possibility to this with the parts I have. Do I miss a part?