K'NEX Mario Kart Minifigures

File this under 'interesting'...

I caught this announcement on toy site Tomopop the other day. It seems that K'NEX is launching a Mario Kart line of building sets that very closely resemble LEGO bricks. Although K'NEX has always had minifigure-esque figures appear with their sets, it's the brick design that really surprises me.

On the figure side there are three so far - Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. They come with their own 'power-up' items too. No news yet if other Mario Kart characters are slated.

(Via Tomopop)


  1. Whoa! Those look great. From an 8-bit-and-beyond Nintendo fiend's perspective, this is great news. From an AFOL perspective, I can't help but be disappointed that such a great license went to K'Nex. LEGO is the perfect medium for a Mario license. The entire Nintendo library (and Capcom, Konami, etc.) are among my dream LEGO licenses. Oh well...that's what MOCing's for.

  2. ^ That is why I am around for all of that. :P

    But I shall pick at these parts for uses. And damn will I pick at them.