I Apologize In Advance...

I couldn't call it a night with out posting about a new custom house out of Chicago called Citizen Brick. I say new, as they've just established a presence on Flickr, but as far as I know this group could have been out there for awhile.

Now I realize we have a wide variety of readers, and not everyone has the same tastes, but I find Citizen Brick's products run the gamut from inspired to just plain funny (to me at least). 

Their big, claim to fame is that they are able to create printed items from minifigures to bricks and tiles. The minifigures are priced around $20 USD and include names such as 'motorcycle enthusiast' and 'botany enthusiast' (yes, I know these won't be everyone's cup of tea). I've shown the 'ink enthusiast' above. 

In addition to full custom minifigures they have a range of printed tiles, bricks, and minifigure heads.

I'm really interested to see what these folks have in store. You can see more on their Flickr stream or on their website, CitizenBrick.com. New customers can save 20% with the promo code 'Citizen20'!

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