Hi-Res Renders Now Up on PotC Minifig Guide

Thanks to Leper, our resident Keeper of the Scrolls, and Smashing Bricks, we've been able to post hi-res renders of the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean minifigures! In the past we've held images like this back until we had a full guide entry ready to go...then we realized that was a rather silly thing to do!

On the main guide page, you will see items with the tag 'Coming Soon' those are links to the hi-res images. The links with the tag 'New' or 'Updated' have guide entries behind them.

In hindsight this seems like such an obvious 'fix'. We will likely do the same for other guides like Harry Potter and Star Wars. Do give us time, because the updates of Series 4 and Pirates of the Caribbean will take a little while.

So what are you waiting for?! Head on over to the PotC Minifig Guide and see all the images.

Thanks again to Smashing Bricks for providing the hi-res images!

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