Have We Just Seen a Minifig Davy Jones?!

It would seem that more LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean game trailers are being released online. The one above focuses on action in the Dead Man's Chest section of the game. Clearly shown is a minifigure version of Davy Jones!

Now that doesn't mean Davy will ever make an appearance in ABS, but one can hope for a holiday exclusive set of The Flying Dutchman. Atlantis molds can be re-purposed for the crew, and the lobster claw element has already debuted. His face tentacles could be a beard-like accessory from the pictures, which would be unfortunate. I think the Atlantis Squid Warrior head looks much better.

On a separate but related note...I love that Jack in the game sounds just like Johnny Depp using LEGO-speak! I sold my game system a little over a year ago, but this really makes me want to pick up a controller and set sail!


  1. i love how they have a seperate trailer for each movies' level. It really shows the detail of what each movies' levels will be like! I can't wait for this game! I really hope we get a set with Davy Jones and the Kraken!!!

  2. Makes me wonder if Johnny Depp did lend his talents to the game. Although IMDB and Wikipedia have nothing on it. :/


  3. omg1 That's totally Johnny Depp!!

  4. i finished the game and barbossa was a beast.

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