Gamestop to Offer Promo Captain Jack Minifigure

FBTB is reporting that Gamestop will offer a promotional Captain Jack Sparrow minifigure not currently slated for sets when you pre-order the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean video game. 

So this now makes 51 versions* of Capn' Jack that you'll have to collect if you want the entire series. I'm not certain what variant this one is supposed to represent, and the details are sparse on the Gamestop website. The face almost looks wooden and the pupils aren't highlighted. A voodoo doll?! Nevertheless a 'fun' idea!

You can see more about this story at FBTB.net.

*Not really, but it feels like it


  1. You can almost see a little tab on the inside of the extended arm. Makes me think this will be a Chinese fig rather than a normal one...which would make sense given how they're distributed.

  2. idk what to say about this fig, other than i want more info on it. what is this supposed to 'depict'? it's cool, but it's kinda freaky....