Wonderful Halo Customs Need Help!

...and by that I mean customizer Hobo needs your help (but more on that in a minute). 

I've heard it said before that Halo is this generation's Star Wars (anticipates a wave of Star Wars fans assaulting me), and I continue to see evidence this is true. 

I also see evidence that companies like Shapeways are changing the face of minifigure customization. Hobo provides an excellent case study with his Moljinir Mk V armor. Great 3D details, nice use of the shoulder pads, and the boot concept is inspiring. Aside from the time investment to learn CAD and design the pieces, the cost to do something like this has to be quite low. No longer do you need to cut steel or deal with silicone molding kits to create pieces like this. It's rapid iteration prototyping at its finest!

So I mentioned that Hobo needed some assistance. It seems the computer he was working on experienced a power surge and he can't access the files he used. If anyone can recommend a way for him to retrieve the files, please reach out to him on Flickr, where you can also see his other custom creations.

UPDATE: Master Hobo is offering the current set for sale on Shapeways if you are interested.

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