Two Big Announcements from Arealight

Wow. I had suspected that Arealight was preparing printed offerings of clone and Mando troopers when they released their sci-fi helmet collection last year, but now that I see these pictures I am blown away. 

Not only will the printed Sci-Fi Helmets be available tomorrow, but so too will be the printed Mando helmets and torsos. The clone trooper and Mando pics show a mix of official TLG and Arealight parts.

This is an astounding accomplishment and firmly marks Arealight as one of the best custom houses out there. 

You can see more on the Arealight Flickr stream. You can see our review of the sci-fi helmet and Mando jet pack set here, or you can just cut to the chase and spend that Valentines Day money at the Arealight store ("I'm sorry dear, but we'll need to downgrade our romantic evening. How do you feel about Big Macs...") All of this will be available on February 15th.

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  1. Arealight is absolutely brilliant!!! Saw your comment on their Flickr and 100%...this seals Arealight's reputation as one of the most innovative and thorough custom houses out there.