SRX Industries - New Shapeways Store

There's a new Shapeways store that recently opened and it looks to have a lot of promise. SRX Industries has a variety of sci-fi related weapons and accessories, all expertly crafted via CAD and then brought to life via Shapeways 3D printing techniques.

Some of my favorites include the District 9 weapons pictured to the right and the Octobrain figure head.

Shapeways is really turning out to be a revolution for those wanting to get into the LEGO compatible customs business. Prior to this readily available 3D printing technology and integrated store model, you would have to make a large investment in molds and ABS injection tools. 

There still appears to be differences between 3D printed products and injected molded items in terms of finish, although I've only seen images to date. If that gap can be narrowed, then it would seem anyone skilled in computer aided design could make a name for themselves.

You can check out Jonathan's SRX Industries on Shapeways, and if you are looking to keep track of new products and designs, take a look at the SRX Industries group on Flickr.

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  1. Excited by the possiblities! You're absolutely right...cheaper one-off printers like Shapeways could be a custom accessory game changer.