Quick Hits: New Sets, Plan B, and More Arealight

A few bits of news coming across the wire today...

Toys N Bricks has more set pics for LEGO Cars (not the Duplo sets), CITY Harbor, Harry Potter, and the Sith Nightspeeder (above). Aside from more pics of the new LEGO Star Wars figs, there's not much else to report. Does anyone else think that the Hogwarts set is a little wierd?

UPDATE: A Modular Life has more LEGO Cars, Star Wars, Kingdoms, and Technic set pics collected from Kris Kelvin (he's the Eurobricks member who has been providing the shots). The Star Wars sets shown include Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator, the Podracers, and Republic Frigate. The Kingdoms set is theMill Village Raid and has some great views of the printed horses, goats, chickens, and pigs!

Brickset correspondent Yellowcastle shares a 'Series B' dot code sheet for Series 3 Collectible Minifigures. We had heard rumors that the dot codes may have been changed with later shipments. Now you have the ability to find the figs you are looking for. The packages this pertains to should have a 'B' on in the batch code along the bottom where the dots can be found. You can find the form in all its glory on Yellowcastle's Flickr stream.

Finally, we have more details on the Arealight printed helmets. Bluce has been so kind to put up more shots of each helmet in 360 views (Hey! That's my job...just kidding). This is a fantastic way to see as much of these great products before you buy. I can tell you from personal experience that the helmet molds are fantastic. Bluce also states that he's still working on the Mando helmets which he will try to make available very soon. I highly recommend checking out the 360 pics of the printed products on the Arealight Flickr stream.

That's all for now. More as it becomes available...

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  1. I think the HP set is great!!

  2. @Spence - I've seen some conversation now at EB about the new sets and there seems to be a lot of positive energy around it.

    Can you explain it to me? The set just seems strange to me as we have the larger Hogwarts set recently released. The minifigs don't seems all that different either, although the pics are rather small. I'm not saying you're wrong...I just don't get it.

  3. @Cygnet: I have to agree with you on the new Hogwarts set, it seem more like a bridge rather than the normal castle. Maybe since they released a castle earlier; this is more of a supplement?

    On the other hand; the other sets look fantastic and the constant stream of new minifigure designs is nice.

  4. !!!

    While Lego never released a yellow wizard hat, dark tan is good enough for Black Mage (some renditions have tan hats).


  5. My little sister(my #1 Harry Potter reference person)says that the battle for Hogwarts set is disappointing. Shes not much of a LEGO fan but knows a thing or to about Harry Potter. I think of it as more as a good source for pieces.