Product Review - Hazel Fantasy Cyborg Armor

It is hard to believe, but this will be the first product review we have done for Hazel Fantasy and Amazing Armory Ltd.. This review will cover the Cyborg Armor set and Cyborg Shield. We will also have a review of customizer Pedro's work in painting one of these sets. The intent of this review is to give you the information you need to decide if these products are right for you.

Hazel Fantasy Cyborg Armor - 360 View (Click to Enlarge)
The Hazel Fantasy Cyborg Armor is sold as a set that includes both body gear and helmet. The body armor fits on the fig in the same way that standard LEGO gear might, over the head post. The connection holds firm to the body with no issues. The pauldrons and back pack are all part of a single, molded, ABS piece. The level of detail on the body gear are astounding.

There's plenty of room inside the neck/head guard of the armor to allow for helmets of various shapes and sizes.

Max Forward Arm Movement (left); Max Rear Movement (right)

Full arm movement is restricted due to the pauldrons and the back pack. The picture above shows the full range of arm movement available.

Hazel Fantasy Cyborg Armor Helmet - 360 View (Click to Enlarge)
The helmet, also made of ABS plastic, has full coverage of the minifigure head with an opening for the mouth. Again the piece is nicely detailed and there was a firm connection with the head with no issues.

Hazel Fantasy Cyborg Armor Set - 360 View (Click to Enlarge)
The pictures above show how the body armor and helmet come together for the final effect.

Hazel Fantasy Cyborg Shield - Front and Back (Click to Enlarge)
The Cyborg Shield (sold separately) can be paired with Cyborg Armor set or used for other builds. The shield is held via a handle on the back of the shield (shown above). The connection was good within the fig's hand and there were no connection issues. As with the Cyborg Armor set, the piece is molded in ABS plastic and comes nicely detailed.

The Cyborg Armor set and Shield only come in Dark Blueish Gray. Many customizers will often paint these pieces to provide variety and add color. Customizer Pedro, who is also the owner of the North American reseller of Hazel Fantasy, United Armory, provided us with a hand painted custom version of the Cyborg Armor set. We will review Pedro's work to both give you a sense of what can be accomplished with these pieces. Pedro will often sell custom minifigures through United Armory, so this can also give you an understanding of the quality craftsmanship that goes into his work.

Painted Cyborg Armor Set for UD by Pedro (Click to Enlarge)
Here we have a 360 view of the painted Cyborg Armor. Pedro has used Mr. Color paints on this piece to nice effect, incorporating the colors of our site into the armor. Pedro uses both Mr. Color and Citadel brands in his work. The lines are extremely clean with no issues. Pedro has also added two additional custom touches, first he's added several tiny holes in the neck/head guard to give some additional character to the piece. Second he's added a waterslide decal on the right pauldron of the Ugly Duckling logo - both features are nicely done.

There are no sealants used, as Pedro feels it can alter the appearance and texture of the piece; however, he can add a sealant upon request. Also although extensive play is not recommended, the piece should withstand some light play and posing.

Cyborg Shield Painted (Left) and Unpainted (Right)

Pedro included a painted version of the shield and a FAMAS rifle (not reviewed here). The two pictures show the difference between the painted and unpainted pieces.

Hazel Fantasy FAMAS Painted (Bottom) and Unpainted (Top)

Another factor to consider when buying a full custom minfigure is the quality of the minifigure itself. There were no issues here as the Space Police III minifigure that was used seemed brand new and the head was of quality.

Pedro will take requests for custom minifigures, but he asks for payment in advance. You can contact him via Flickr or United Armory.

Overall these pieces are fantastic from top to bottom. Good connections, highly detailed parts with ABS construction. Although they only come in dark blueish gray, you can always paint the parts and add your own custom look. If painting is not your thing, you could always purchase one of Pedro's custom pieces. The Cyborg Armor set, shield, and Pedro's custom work are all highly recommended.

Additional Stats - Hazel Fantasy Cyborg Armor Set
Website: United Armory
Location: United States
International Shipping: US and Canada only
Products & Colors: Dark Blueish Gray
Retail Price: $8.80 USD

Additional Stats - Hazel Fantasy Cyborg Shield
Products & Colors: Dark Blueish Gray
Retail Price: $4.00 USD

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