News: Star Wars 2011 Advent Calendar

So a few months back I discovered that LEGO would be offering a Star Wars advent calendar in 2011. It seems that a preliminary pack shot has been revealed showing several figs including...Yoda dressed as Santa.

I'm hoping that this is a very early mock-up of the final design. As of now, this leaves me a little wanting (and I was so excited about the potential of this set)...

This new is flying all around the interwebs, but you can find out more at A Modular Life.


  1. I will be picking up a couple of these when they come out. It will be the first advent calendar I pick up and I really hope yoda does come out as santa. :P

  2. I found your blog looking for when these are available. Do you know where/how/when I could get my hands on one of these (got an inside scoop?)

    I'd like to get one for my bf for a pre-Christmas gift and don't want to ask him for help.