New Ninjago at American International Toy Fair

I'll not post the image as it appears to have a 'confidential' watermark, but we seem to have more details on new Ninjago minifigures from the American International Toy Fair.

Picture are appearing around the net of two new skeletons, Kruncha and Wyplash, as well as a second version of Sensei Wu (DX version perhaps?). 

The skeletons are of the large head variety with Wyplash sporting a conical hat and Kruncha with a samurai style helmet. They both appear to have a new armor style as well.

The new Fire Temple set has a gold 'sword of fire' that is a new part mold. This piece did not appear in the first wave of sets, but looks fantastic with a dragon head hilt. The dragon screens from this set are phenomenal as well.

Finally, the dragons in these sets are quite nice! My favorite to date being the Earth Dragon.

My sincerest thanks to all the sites, like FBTB.net, who have not only taken the time to shoot and upload all of these pictures, but have likely sacrificed the time they could be spending on the showcase floor. I think if I was in their shoes, the temptation to run around and check all the other vendors would be too much for me. I can't wait to see all the pics from New York over the coming days.

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