More Than Meets the Eye

So at the London Toy Fair, the buzz was all about the Dr. Who, LEGO-compatible minifigures. It would seem that the big, non-LEGO news at the American International Toy Fair are Hasbro's new line of building blocks called Kre-o and it's Transformers theme.

I have to admit when I first read about it I thought, "Cool. We can download the instructions and build Transformers with LEGO now." That was until I saw pics of the 'minifigures' (above). I don't know if these figs are LEGO compatible, but I can sense Morgan now figuring out how to use these in his designs as we speak.

These pics were found via Tomopop, where additional pics of Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee minifigures can be found.


  1. a hole on the side of the leg would be a good addition to Lego minifigs...