More LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 5 Rumors

A Modular Life reports that there's been discussion on Eurobricks about more rumored minifigures for Series 5 (how's that for a rumor chain?) As the pictures have yet to surface, take these descriptions with a grain of salt. In the past people have described past Collectible Minifigure designs only to find their interpretation was a little...off. 

I've seen pictures of at least nine designs, which you can read about here. The newly rumored designs are as follows (the comments in parenthesis are mine):
  • Eskimo (I expect the Star Wars Hoth hoods and another fishing pole, or snowshoes)
  • A 'Historical' Judge (with a powdered wig perhaps?)
  • Mobster with Hat, Gun, and Case (the gun is likely the Pharaoh's Quest tommy gun)
  • A Female Zookeeper with Monkey (new printed monkey perhaps)

The rest of the figures are a bit more vague:
  • A Female with Suitcase (perhaps LEGO heard the cries of sexism and this is a lawyer?)
  • Unidentified Blue Figure
  • Unidentified Red Figure

Exciting potential designs no matter how you look at it!

You can see the full article and links to the Eurobricks discussion on A Modular Life


  1. The suitcase female could be a lawyer or a businesswoman. But that would be boring, female or not.


  2. Maybe it's a flight attendant?


  3. I like the idea of a lawyer. Reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMvARy0lBLE

  4. there are 16 and they are boxer and eskimo and russian guard and fitness dancer and zookeeper and dinosaur suit guy and spy or mafia guy and murmillo and lumberjack and snowboarder male and graduation student and dwarf and egyptian woman and cavewoman and clown and detective