miniBIGS Now the Official US Reseller of Arealight

The owner of miniBIGS contacted us to let us now they are now the official US reseller of Arealight products.

They will be carrying about 90% of Arealights products. This is great news for us here in the US. That will mean faster shipping times and likely at a lower cost too.

Arealight products are great and if you haven't gotten a chance to look at his products yet you can do so by clicking here or by reviewing some of the guides we here at the Ugly Duckling have written up here.

Visit http://www.minibigs.com/ or http://www.arealightcustoms.com/ today!


  1. Actually, from what I understand:
    Shipping is 5 USD for minibigs[flat rate] and all arealight items they have have been increased a dollar in price.
    So in theory, you'd be better off just buying from arealight's main site...

  2. As Apples said, it kinda defeats the who reseller purpose.
    Also Fineclonier still sells some of there older stuff not sure why not the newer stuff.