LEGO Series 5 Collectible Figs and More

Only hours after rumors of the Series 5 Collectible Minifigures surfaced, we now have a picture from the Nurnburg International Toy Fair. So it would seem that 'woman with briefcase' is 'woman with boombox' and the red and blue mystery figs are a lumberjack and a male snowboarder, respectively.

A big thanks to Toys N Bricks for posting the link to the website Spieletest. Here's further proof for you future bloggers to always dig when sites are linked. There are several videos in the link to Spieletest above that showcase set shots for new Ninjago, Star Wars, and Alien Conquest. There are also pics below the videos which show the new Kingdoms sets.

I've linked two of the videos below. The first you must watch as it has pics of Series 4 and 5 plus all the Alien Conquest figures. The second video is a showcase of the new Ninjago sets and figures. Enjoy!


  1. So the woman with the suitcase is really a woman with a boombox. Fitness trainer?


  2. ^You know, you might be right! Much better than 'female rapper'...

  3. Maybe she's a Fitness Rapper?
    On a side note; Lego is seriously stepping up their game. Did anyone notice the new items that Alien Conquest had?

  4. Wow, the cavegirl and cleopatra are alot better then what i thought they would look like!! I think the dino suit guy is my fav, though!! I also love the college grad and the boxer! The eskimo and the clown are cool also.