LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - Whitecap Bay

Now that early set pics (I'm still not convinced these designs are locked) for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean have been released I thought it would be fun to take a look at discuss the new minifigures and elements. The first one up for review is set 4192, Whitecap Bay.

Right off the bat the new mermaid designs are the stand outs here. The tails allow for better play compared to the older versions, and could be used as shown or with the torsos reversed. The brunet hair piece is new, and you might recognize it from a certain album cover contest. If you look very closely you can see the potential for dual sided heads, a beautiful face to lure in prey and then a scarier side for when they pounce.

Captain Jack looks just as good as he did at last year's Comic Con, so no surprises there. The other minifigs appear to be good, solid pirate standards. The gentleman with the darker skin tone may have something to offer in terms of facial and torso prints.

As far as minifig elements go, nothing jumps out at me immediately. The boats appear to have little buckets which seem to be new, but both Scala and Bevelle have had similar pieces. As a reader pointed out to me, those are not satchels but scabbards on select minifigures. Brilliant!

(Pictures via FBTB.net and MTV)


  1. I could be wrong but I think the blond is sporting this hairstyle http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=85974 seen once in that color in an Indiana Jones set.

    But as I said on FBTB from a customizer's standpoint I think blondie is screaming to become Ariel from the Little Mermaid

  2. These are most likely the actual sets, as the New York Toy Fair is just around the corner. The bucket element is new as the Belville one is much bigger.

    I love the new mermaid torsos, much more than the original ones. The blond hair is not new, but the dark brown hair is.

    All in all I'm very excited for all the new sets. :)

  3. Thanks guys for setting me straight!

  4. That brunette should be familiar to you. ;)

    And good chances these sets are pretty much locked, and changes, if any, will be minor and unoticeable.


  5. @Omi - That's where I saw it before! I will now be able to sleep tonight...

  6. No mention of the nice new scabbards? ;)

  7. ^By jove, you're right! I thought they were the standard LEGO satchels...correction in progress.

  8. I was going to say the same thing as Omi; those new sword holsters are just amazing! I have been waiting for something liek this for years!
    Brickforge has some holsters, but unfortunately they are not angled properly for a sword. Oh, and if you look thru all the pictures youw ill notice that 3 colors will be available; black, white and reddish brown! My minifigs can't wait!...(c;

  9. The tan guy is a zombie...

  10. Actually, I'm StarWars4J, not omi. No little name tag at the end of the message :P Should really get around to making an account.

  11. i watched that movie today :)