LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - Queen Anne's Revenge

Typical me. I say, "tune in next time when..." and then I leave everyone hanging. Right. Let's fix that. We'll be doing a quick overview of the final LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean set, Queen Anne's Revenge (4195).

The set itself is a sight to behold. I've not been a big Pirates fan in the past, but one can appreciate it nonetheless. There are seven minifigures in this set, four of which have already discussed. Let's focus on the new ones...

Moving left to right we first come across another member of Blackbeard's zombie crew. The details are sketchy given the size of the pic, but I'm betting this bloke is the character in question. Here's hoping there will be better pics from the American International Toy Fair this weekend.

Next up we have Angelica played by Penelope Cruz in the film. Again the photos from Stitch Kingdom come through with a fantastic close up. A female minifigure with new hair and a hat fit for Guy Fawkes Day. Fantastic! The torso print appears to have some promise as well. Given this is the only set Angelica appears in, she will be a much sought after fig.

Finally we have the gentleman in the tan tricorne hat (a new color for this part by the way). The Stitch Kingdom pic (link above) has a good close-up shot. The face and torso are OK, but the leg print seems interesting (not really sure what it's supposed to be though).

The minifig elements are hard to see in this shot. The entire ship appears to be made of bones in the film, and there are plenty of Ninjago bones and skeleton parts in the design. The Stitch Kingdom pic comes through again. It appears that they've used on of the Collectible Minifigure trophies as a voodoo doll. It even has miniature print and everything. Your Pirate fig can have his own mini-minifig! 

Overall this appears to be great set. I think Angelica is the real prize here. Angelica and that voodoo doll, that is. I can't wait to see more pics.

(Pictures via FBTB.net and MTV


  1. Where's the voodoo doll?!

  2. If you look at the pic from Stitch Kingdom (linked), you'll see it in the foreground.