LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - The Mill

My apologies for dragging out these visual reviews of the new LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets. With all of the activity coming out of the Nurnberg International Toy Festival this weekend, this is starting to feel like 'old hat'. Nevertheless we only have three more sets to review, so let's get to it...

The Mill (set 4183) is a rather basic set depicting a great scene from Dead Man's Chest. There's not much new to say about LEGO Jack and Will, so let's turn our attention to Commodore James Norrington and Davy Jones' crabby crewman.

I believe the Commodore is exclusive to this set. The printed torso and legs are the real draws here as it seems Norrington is sporting Dastan's old do and a bearded countenance (I'm beginning to think there needs to be a LEGO Gillette parts pack for all these bearded figs).

The henchman, as we will affectionately call him, has a lovely spiral shell head gear in what appears to be gold. The head, torso, and leg prints are too far away to comment on the details, but I'm certain they will impress. Here's hoping that The Flying Dutchman will be available come December 2011 (I mean really LEGO, are you going to deprive us of a Davy Jones minifig?!).

As with Jack and Will most of the accessories have been seen in other sets we've covered to date. I am interested to see if the round 1x1 in the treasure chest has print to better resemble a heart (Shilo's Mortal Kombat minifigs will be so happy if it is).

Two sets to go before we've covered the first round of PotC. More to come shortly...

(Pictures via FBTB.net and MTV)

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  1. I didn't even notice the heart but thanks for pointing it out. :P