LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - London Escape

We continue our march through the new LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets with visual jog through set 4193, London Escape.

There are five figures in all including the ubiquitous Captain Jack. This is a variant of Jack with the tricorne hat that may or may not fit over the hair piece. Only Whitecap Bay and Queen Anne's Revenge have this variant of Jack's hat.

There are two redcoats in this set. The one with the blue epaulets appears to have a standard Imperial torso from Pirate sets of the past. The second redcoat, does feature a new torso print and a white scabbard along with gold epaulets.

The older gent in the carriage may be sporting the new hair piece with braid in the back, but in gray instead of brown as it appears on Will Turner. The torso print appears that it could be interesting.

The details of the carriage driver aren't clear given his position in this pic.

There aren't too many new or exciting minifigure elements in this set. The new gold bars appear to be in the chest at the back of the carriage. The trans clear bottles from the Captain's Cabin reappear sans boats. Although it's a stretch to call it a minifig element, there is a nice framed picture in the house. It may be a printed tile...or it might be a sticker.

The highlights for this set are the Jack Sparrow head gear, the new redcoat torso, the gray hair piece, and the trans clear bottles.

Tomorrow we'll wrap up this series with the 'large set' of this round, Queen Anne's Revenge.

(Pictures via FBTB.net and MTV


  1. The carriage is one of Lego's finest. Additional elements of interest also include the bucket (on the top floor of the building) and the white baldric with scabbard seen on the soldier.

  2. Y does one of king georges men have a feather on its heaad and gold shoulde guards