LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - Isla de Meurta

The second Pirates of the Caribbean set to visually peruse is Isla de Muerta (4181).

It looks like we get four figs in this set - Captain Jack, Barbossa, Elizabeth Swann, and Skellie Barbossa. Captain Jack appears sans hat in this set (I'm really beginning to wonder if his hat fits over the hair piece). There's also a dual sided 'zombie' head for when the moonlight hits this fig.

Barbossa and his Skellie counterpart are part of a interesting play feature built into the rotating stand. Both figures have the new scabbard and jaunty hat (which we'll see on the Series 4 Musketeer first). The Skellie Barbossa appears to feature Ninjago elements from the neck down.

Ms. Swann has a nice dress print and features the new hair piece we saw on the brunette mermaid. She actually has a dual sided head, which you can see in this picture from Stitch Kingdom.

A key element we haven't discussed is the gold bar near the treasure chest. A new, chromed part, it appears to be able to connect to studs in the Stitch Kingdom pic referenced above.

The figs seem strong, but the rest of the play set falls flat for me.

(Pictures via FBTB.net and MTV)


  1. I understand that they have to have those divots in the top of the "bar" to let a fig grab them...but it just ruins the look for me.

  2. Sorry, but his name is Barbossa and not Barbarossa.

  3. ^Too right! Correction made. Thanks!