LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - The Captain's Cabin

The Captain's Cabin (4191) is the next LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean set we'll take a gander at and visually break down. Although this has the feel of a smaller impulse set, it seems there are a fair amount of brick built elements with your purchase. Perhaps, why you only get three minifigures instead of four?

When Huw from Brickset mentioned that Captain Jack was in nearly every set, it was hard to believe (especially since the quality of the fig looks top notch). Yet, he continues to be present even in this set. The head could be dual sided, but for now it remains unknown.

The pirate in the upper right hand corner is also present in the Whitecap Bay set and appears unchanged.

The gentleman across from The Captain is new (there's a better shot of him on Stitch Kingdom). A reader pointed out to me that the pirates of Blackbeard's crew were zombies. The white eyes of this fig would support that notion. A nice tribal paint/tattoo pattern on the face and an open vest combo on the torso. The hair piece in black hasn't been seen since Indy days. They go for a pretty penny on BrickLink too, so these should help to bring the price down. The head, again, could be dual sided as the hair would support it.

There are some really nice elements with this set include three ships in a bottle and a fantastic globe! There are more of the new scabbards in this set (there won't be any shortage of these). The large Ninjago bones seem to be used aplenty in these sets, three in this one alone. Finally there's a round printed tile on the table in the back. Not sure what it is exactly, but it seems...interesting.

(Pictures via FBTB.net and MTV)


  1. I can't quite tell from the photo, but I'm guessing the round tile is the Map to the Land of the Dead that we saw in POTC III, which also showed the way to the fountain of youth we'll be seeing in IV.

  2. this set should be in the Queen Ane's Revenge set because i dont see the point of having it separate, and Joshamee gibbs should be in it not Jack, cause in On Strangers Tides Gibbs takes the bottles of every boat