LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - The Cannibal Escape

Our next LEGO Pirates of the Carribean set for visual inspection is The Cannibal Escape (4182).

What else can we say about Captain Jack that hasn't been expressed previously? Once again there's a new head with tribal print that has the potential for being dual sided.

Will Turner makes his LEGO debut here. The fig isn't much different from the one that appears in set 4183, The Mill. The torso print appears underwhelming, and the face is OK. Although it's not clear in this picture rumor has it that Will's hair piece is new with both a widow's peak and ponytail in the back.

The cannibals themselves are the best of this set. The hair pieces mark the return of the Islander parts not seen since 2001. The small bones that debuted in this year's Ninjago and CITY Police sets are placed in the clip at the top of the hair. The darker skin tones and printing on both the torsos and legs are nice.

The minifigure elements of note include the back pack/bag that debuted in the CITY Police sets this year (you can see it in the back). The larger Ninjago bones are used in the construction of the cage. The new scabbards are present as an accessory on Will, but like Jack Sparrow, they seem to appear in every set. The parrot appears to be the Pirate standard with no new print.

The big draws here are the cannibal minifigures and the tribal print for Jack. The rest leaves me wanting.

(Pictures via FBTB.net and MTV

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  1. i wrecken they should put marty in it, cause he's kl, and in no III he shots a shotgun and goes backwards (is it a shotgun)