LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - Aqua de Vida

We continue to march through little visual reviews of the new LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets. This time we turn our eyes to set 4192, Aqua de Vida.

A relatively small set, but the minfig content is big as we have the three captains -  Jack Sparrow (surprise, surprise), Captain Barbossa, and Blackbeard. 

Although I keep saying, "boy these sets have a lot of Captain Jack," don't get me wrong. The fig is so nicely done that all would be welcome in my collection. More dual-headed action here it seems. It makes me wonder how many different facial prints we will end up for Jack when all is said and done.

Captain Barbossa appears to have joined the Admiralty in On Stanger Tides. A nice, new print on the bicorn hat. The torso print also appears quite good. Dual-head support is highly unlikely. Barbossa also sports a black scabbard (of which I believe will come in three colors, right Akunthita?).

Now let's take a look at the 'crown jewel' of the set - Blackbeard. A terrifying beastie he is! The assembly of the beard/hair/hat will be of great interest to me. There's a great close up pic on the Disney blog Stitch Kingdom. I'm holding out hope that the hat is a separate piece that fits over the hairpiece/beard assembly (I'm also hoping the Captain Jack hat is the same). The beard will be welcome on pirates and dwarves alike, with the jangly bits in the back. We still can't get a good look at the face, but what does show appears promising (also wonder if the face will sport a beard, a la Master Wu from Ninjago). A dual-sided head could be supported, but behind that beard it would seem to be lost. The print on the torso and legs also look like they have strong custom potential. The broken cutlass is a nice new element; large and formidable.

Aside from what the figures carry on their person, there are no other minifig elements of note.

This set will primarily be a way to get Blackbeard relatively inexpensively and score a 'Captain Hat Trick' at the same time.

(Pictures via FBTB.net and MTV)


  1. I think you can jusT call it the fountain of youth! ;) blackbeard looks awesome!! I'm totally getting this set!!

  2. @Spence - Ha! On Brickipedia it's listed under that very name for this set number. My Sesame Street Spanish is a little rusty, but wouldn't the name translate to 'Water of Life'? ;^)

  3. @cygnet, well, we get the point! It's an awesome set with awesome minifigs! ;)