LEGO Jolly Roger Tees from Kasama Lego

Yet another reason why I need to get out to some cons 'stat'. In preparation for Bricks by the Bay (March 25th thru 27th), Kasama Lego (ka.lego) has designed a series of t-shirts to bring for the event. My favorite of the bunch is this Jolly Roger design. A great choice of skellie head and he even added the little holes in the cross bones as they appear in the Ninjago sets.

Kasama is looking for feedback, so head on over to Flickr and check out all the designs he has up so far.


  1. Good news! I got the "ok" to produce these. They're going to print tomorrow and will definitely be ready for Bricks by the Bay. Not sure if I'll be able to make it there yet due to some scheduling issues, but either way I'll have shirts available for mail order...and a giveaway to Ugly Duckling readers!!! Thanks for posting this. Haven't exactly gotten feedback, so I'm a little worried if people will even want a shirt. Ha. Whatever...I'm sure it'll work itself out. I'm only making 48 across different sizes for now anyway. First come, first served.

  2. This is fantastic! There are going to be a lot of happy people at the convention...just steer clear of the LEGO booth ;^)

    Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. Work has me bogged down at the moment...