LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 4 - Surfer Girl

Surfer Girl is exclusive to set 8804, LEGO Series 4 Collectible Minifigures.

Parts and Accessories

Surfer Girl is composed of four main parts: hair piece, head, torso, and legs.

The hair piece is the same as that featured on the Series 1 Nurse and Series 3 Tennis Player, but in what appears to be
Medium Dark Flesh . This will be a new color for this part, and likely to be sought after.

The head features a new facial print with pink lipstick and a slight smirk.

The torso is black with a pink and light grey wetsuit print. She also has bare yellow arms and hands.

The hips and legs are black. The wetsuit print from the torso slightly continues down onto the hips.

The accessory for this figure is the same surfboard from the Series 2 Surfer but with a new print. This girl's surfboard has pink flames printed on it. The edges of the surfboard are shaped to allow the figures to grip the board. Also, there are brick connections on the bottom of the board.

LEGO.com Bio
“The best wave is always the next wave!”

The Surfer Girl loves everything about the ocean, from the biggest sandy beach to the tiniest tropical fish. She’s happy just to be in the water, and she’s even happier still when she finds a new surfing challenge to test her skill.

As long as the sky is clear and the surf is wild, the Surfer Girl can be found right in the middle of her element, riding the tallest wave she can find and whooping at the top of her lungs the whole way back to the beach. And as soon as she reaches the shore, she runs right back into the water to chase the next big splash! 

Army Building Potential
The army building potential for the figure is low. Not many people want an army of surfers and their are no new parts.

Pre-Identifying Figures
Series 4 will be using the same 'dot code' approach to identifying which figures are inside each pack. The following dot codes were provided by minifigcollector.com who will have a corresponding app for Android smart phones. You can see the entire dot code sheet here.

Feeling It Out
The surfboard would be your best bet here.

The Big Draw
The surfboard will be a hot item due to this being only the second time its seen. Also their are not many female parts out their in the LEGO universe and this is our first time seeing a wetsuit.

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Thanks to Grogall for the hi-res images!

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