LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 4 - The Artist

The Artist is exclusive to set 8804, LEGO Series 4 Collectible Minifigures.

Parts and Accessories
The Artist is composed of four main parts: beret, head, torso, and legs.

The beret is the same part that appeared with the Series 2 Mime.

The head features a new facial print with inquisitive look and goatee.

The torso and arms are white with yellow hands. The torso print resembles a gray neck scarf and two paint smears on a smock. There is no print on the back of the torso.

The hips and legs are dark tan with more paint blotches on each leg.

The accessories for this figure are a pallet and paintbrush. The pallet appears to attach to the minifigure hand via a small post on the bottom. The paintbrush has green paint on the tip.

LEGO.com Bio
"All the world is my canvas, and I must paint it!"

Everything the Artist sees inspires him to paint. The sunset, the sky, the bugs, passing airplanes...each one gives him the idea for a truly magnificent work of art, and he is consumed with painting them until he is done.

Since he doesn't carry a canvas with him everywhere he goes, though, this leads to him painting on whatever surface happens to be handy. He paints on walls, rocks, trees and anything else he can find. You'd think it might get him in trouble, but his artistic creations are so spectacular that no one ever seems to mind!

Army Building Potential
The army building potential for the figure is low. Not many people want an army of artists.

Feeling It Out
I would try for the pallet as it would have a unique feel compared to other parts. The paintbrush might be easy to feel as well.

Pre-Identifying Figures
Series 4 will be using the same 'dot code' approach to identifying which figures are inside each pack. The following dot codes were provided by minifigcollector.com who will have a corresponding app for Android smart phones. You can see the entire dot code sheet here.

The Big Draw
The pallet and paintbrush are the draws here. The head may also be desirable for the facial features.

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A big thanks to Grogall for the hi-res images!


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