LEGO Collectible Minifigure Guides - Series 4, 5, and 6

Collectible Minifigure Collection Details
  • The figures will be packaged in "blind" bags and capsules in Japan.
  • There are 16 characters in each series.
  • The recommended price was $1.99 USD per bag, until Series 3 when it changed to $2.99 USD.
  • There are three levels of rarity based on the mix of figures in each case.
  • Secondary bar codes on the back of each bag indicate which figure is inside for the first two series. Series 3 does not have the bar codes, but instead has a different coding system based on 'bumps' at the bottom of the packs.
  • There had been no printing on the back of these figures until Series 3, when the Gorilla Suit Guy and Mummy debuted with back torso print. Most figures do not include printing on the back as a cost-cutting measure; however, quite a few of the Series 4 minifigs will have back print.
  • LEGO executives have stated that at least two sets will be released each year as long as they remain popular...or they run out of ideas, whichever comes first.
  • Steve Witt of The LEGO Group announced at BrickFair 2010 that figures have now been designed up through Series 5. To date, only the figures through Series 5 have been shown.
  • The LEGO Group has stated that once a series sells out, it will no longer make those figures. Series 1 & 2 are sold out to date.

Collectible Minifigures - Series 4 (#8804)

The following are the minifigures scheduled to be part of the fourth series of LEGO Collectible Minifigures. Series 4 is planned to launch around March/April 2011.

Commons (5 Figures per Case)
Uncommons (4 Figures per Case)
Rares (2 to 3 Figures per Case)
*2 figures per case 

Collectible Minifigures - Series 5 (#8805)

The following are the minifigures scheduled to be part of the fifth series of LEGO Collectible Minifigures. Series 5 is planned to launch around July/August 2011.
  • The Royal Guard (male)
  • The Eskimo (male)
  • The Boxer (male)
  • The Fitness Trainer (female)
  • The Gladiator (male)
  • The Gangster (male)
  • The Snowboarder (male)
  • The Dwarf (male)
  • The Zookeeper (female)
  • The Pie Clown (male)
  • The Detective (male)
  • The Lumberjack (male)
  • The Cavewoman (female)
  • The Dinosaur Suit Guy (male)
  • The Graduate (male)
  • Cleopatra (female)