LEGO Alien Conquest - UFO Abduction

Thanks to Grogall, we now have one of the first official pictures of the LEGO Alien Conquest sets. This is a pic of set 7052, Alien Abduction.

If you've see the video from Joe Meno, you'll know that this is the set that used the light brick and flexible arms to 'abduct' other minifigs.

The alien fig looks great with his sinister underbite and big eyes. It's difficult to make out the print on the torso and legs, but it looks like it has promise. It would also seem that we'll have plenty of the zap guns from the Collectible Minifig series.

I can't wait to see more official pics of these great sets! Thanks again to Grogall for passing these along.


  1. Pitchfork is an old element. It is from the old castle sets. ;)


  2. ^Darn it I hate it when you're right...

  3. I'm loving the minifig alien in this! The head, while not very "traditional" Lego (I don't mind...we have decades of "tradition" to buy via Bricklink), benefits from some *great* art direction. Aside from that, the playability factor with this set is through the roof!!! LOVED the lights / tractor beam and the abduction feature. Coo-ool.