Kasama Lego's Mecha Huntress

Kasama Lego (AKA ka.lego) keeps pulling me in with these great custom designs. His latest, The Mecha Huntress, uses some form of digital witchcraft to pull off that epic hair piece (is that the Series 3 Elf hair?!). Still inspired by the works of Jack Kirby, you could easily see this lady taking on Barda or Granny's Furies on Apokolips.

There's a great variant of this figure in a flight suit (how else are you going to smack those mecha in the mouth) which you can see on Kasama's Flickr stream.


  1. Just uploaded a new image showing how the headpiece was made. I wish I could actually make accessories like these rather than virtual ones. Same goes with the digital "sketches" for helmets, one of which you featured here. Maybe if I'm lucky someone with those skills will see these and want to actually produce some of them. Any takers? :)

    And you hit the nail on the head...I was totally thinking Barda and the Furies. I was also thinking of throwing some lightsabers in her hands...instant Sith or Old Empire Jedi. Ha.

  2. Sorry. Bad link. Here's the correct one for the image showing the how-to.