I'm Now Officially Jealous

Word has just come across the wire of several speakers for this year's AFOLcon in the UK. A veritable who's who of the professional and fan LEGO community.

Speakers include Tim Ainley, Senior Designer working on Atlantis and Ninjago, Carl Greatrix of TT Games, Megan Rothrock, European editor of BrickJournal, and Mark Stafford, LEGO designer on themes like Space Police and Power Miners.

There are several more speakers who will attend the UK AFOLcon which will be held April 28th to May 2nd in Manchester, UK.

You can find more details at the AFOLcon website.


  1. I wish I could go! I really like the sets that Mark has designed.

  2. There is always BrickFair and BrickWorld. While speakers don't get that amazing, those cons usually get the higher ups as attendees, and awesome builders you see on flickr are always there. :P

    Which is my way of saying you should come to Bfair cuz I will be there, and so will Armothe. :P